Tournament Promo Season 2 List

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TP2-001  Morphing Jar - Ultra Rare
TP2-002  Exile of the Wicked
TP2-003  Giant Red Seasnake - Super Rare
TP2-004  Exile of the Wicked - Super Rare
TP2-005  Call of the Grave - Super Rare
TP2-006  Mikazukinoyaiba
TP2-007  Skull Guardian
TP2-008  Novox's Prayer
TP2-009  Dokurorider
TP2-010  Rivial of Dokurorider
TP2-011  Beautiful Headhuntress
TP2-012  Sonic Maid
TP2-013  Mystical Seep #1
TP2-014  Warrior of Tradition
TP2-015  Soul of the Pure
TP2-016  Dancing Elf
TP2-017  Turu-Purun
TP2-018  Dharma Cannon
TP2-019  Stuffed Animal
TP2-020  Spirit of the Book
TP2-021  Faith Bird
TP2-022  Takuhee
TP2-023  Maiden of the Moonlight
TP2-024  Queen of Autumn Leaves
TP2-025  Two-Headed King Rex
TP2-026  Garoozis
TP2-027  Crawling Dragon #2
TP2-028  Parrot Dragon
TP2-029  Sky Dragon
TP2-030  Water Magician