Tournament Promo Season 1 List

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TP1-001  Mechanical Chaser - Ultra Rare
TP1-002  Axe Raider - Super Rare
TP1-003  Kwagar Hercules - Super Rare
TP1-004  Patrol Robo - Super Rare
TP1-005  White Hole
TP1-006  Elf's Light
TP1-007  Steel Shell
TP1-008  Blue Medicine
TP1-009  Raimei
TP1-010  Burning Spear
TP1-011  Gust Fan
TP1-012  Tiger Axe
TP1-013  Goddess with the Third Eye
TP1-014  Beastking of the Swamps
TP1-015  Versago the Destroyer
TP1-016  Oscillo Hero #2
TP1-017  Giant Flea
TP1-018  Bean Soldier
TP1-019  The Statue of Easter Island
TP1-020  Corroding Shark
TP1-021  Wow Warrior
TP1-022  Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2
TP1-023  Oscillo Hero
TP1-024  Shining Friendship
TP1-025  Hercules Beetle
TP1-026  The Judgement Hand
TP1-027  Wodan the Resident of the Forest
TP1-028  Cyber Soldier of Darkworld
TP1-029  Cockroach Knight
TP1-030  Kuwagata Alpha